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| KakaSaku - Be there

She sighed. It had been two years now since her parents died and one year since Sasuke. She didn't know if she still had loved him then, but she was still very sad about his death, even if she saw how much sadder Naruto had been. No wonder really. Naruto had been the one who was forced to kill him after Sasuke had gotten a lucky hit at Kakashi-sensei so he crashed and passed out against a tree. Also note that the tree also "HAD" to fall right over the same sensei so he got stuck there even after he woke up. Sasuke had been on his way to kill Kaka-sensei with Chidori - the very attack sensei had taught him - when Naruto attacked with his rasen-rasengan and killed Sasuke.

It couldn't have been easy to be team 7's sensei now when she thought about it.
Kakashi-sensei had also told them that they were the first one he had passed.
The first team he ever passed had been the jinchuuriki of the nine tails, the last Uchiha in Konoha - later even a betrayer - and herself. The girl who beat everybody to a pulp if they ticked her off and had (still have too) a temper like Tsunade-sama herself.
Nope, definitely not a easy team to deal with. No wonder Kakashi-sensei looked more tired every time she saw him lately.  

The rain fell down at her and she felt how she got soaked, but she didn't care.
Sakura was on her way to the memorial-stone to visit her parents.
The stone was now in sight, but someone was already there, standing alone in the rain.

What is he doing here?

He didn't seem to notice her, which itself was odd even if he had his back towards her. On a impulse she quickly masked her chakra at the same time as she focused some in her ears to be able to hear what he mumbled in the rain.

"It has already been a year. One long year since I failed another person in my team. This time it was Sasuke. I couldn't even comfort her when she cried, Obito. She cried and cried, but I didn't even have the courage to give her a hug or say something to comfort her."

The silver-haired man sighed sadly before he continued, and if his soaked body hadn't already been slouched it was now.

"Naruto was sad of course, but I think he took it much better than she did. He was prepared in a whole different level what might happen than she was."

Sakura realized with a pang Kakashi was talking about her.
*It seems it's two sides of one story there. I thought Naruto took it way worse than me.*

"I guess I failed two of them there. Hell, I was UNCONSCIOUS when they needed me the most for god's sake! I wasn't there for her, and her parents even died the year before Sasuke. I'm a failure as a sensei, ain't I Obito?"

"No, you aren't."

Kakashi spun around, senses now on high alert. "Sakura…? How long have you been here?"

He seemed to be shocked that he hadn't noticed her, but Sakura ignored his question and walked over to her soaked sensei.

"You weren't a horrible sensei, just a bit unlucky. And most importantly you didn't fail us. And..."
She took a step forward so she came directly in front of him.

"... you were there."

As Kakashi seemed to come out from his shock he shook his head.

"Not? Then whom was it who followed me for months after Sasuke died? Who was the one who carried me home after I fell asleep exhausted the time I hit and kicked down all the threes in the training grounds?"

It almost seemed like Kakashi got another shock.

"What...? How did you know?"

Sakura sighed.

"I'm 22 years old Jounin, of course I noticed when you followed me everywhere. It also helped you dropped a few silver hairs on me when you carried me home. How many silver-haired men can you find in Konoha who are able to carry a full grown woman AND knows where I live?"

Kakashi scratched his head.
"Ah... I guess I'm getting old if you're starting to notice me so easily when I actually tried to hide..."

"You're many things sensei, but not old." Sakura told him and gave him a true smile.
"Naruto and I are just getting better."

Kakashi returned the smile with a eye-crease.

"Well, if you see it in that way it isn't too bad."

But then the eye-crease vanished from his face.

"But I could have done something. You were so sad and couldn't stop crying..."

Sakura understood what he referred to.

"Do you really have to blame yourself for everything Kakashi-sensei!? You had to take care of your own sadness. You can't take care of others if you don't take care of yourself first."

Sometimes she wondered if he even had allowed himself to grieve properly. Sasuke was one of his students after all. She took a quick breath before she continued, making a decision.

"And if that hug is so damn important I can let you give me one now."

For the third time this rainy evening Hatake Kakashi got a shock, despite him normally being so good at hiding his own feelings. However before he could recover himself from it he felt Sakura embrace him. It took a few seconds before he was able to return it, and there they just stood for a while in silence. Both of them soaked from the rain.

* Maybe he was the one who needed a hug the most of us. *

"Sensei?" Sakura asked after what felt like an eternity.


"I think you need to get inside soon. You must have been here for hours, because it's like I'm hugging an ice-tap. You'll catch a cold like this."

Chuckling he ended the hug and took a few steps back.

"Well, you aren't that warm yourself. Care to make your sensei company over a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate at my apartment?"

Sakura smiled back at him.
"Sure, hot chocolate sounds perfect."

"Good, my apartment is nearby."

"I know. Did you really think I wouldn't want revenge after you stopped to follow me everywhere?" smirked the soaked pink-haired woman.

"I know. And by the way - you dropped some pink hair-strains near my door, and how many pink-haired women can you find in Konoha?"


Kakashi got stunned and his jaw dropped.


"Yes, my little sister and I."

Kakashi quickly searched his brain for the information. Surely he couldn't have missed something like that?
"You have a...?"

"Sensei…" Sakura quickly interrupted laughing.


"It was a joke, I don't have any sister."

"Oh..." was the only thing he got out.

She could actually hear her sensei sigh in relief and Sakura couldn't help herself and started to laugh even harder. Side by side they walked towards Kakashi's apartment, Sakura laughing the all the way over.

:Two days later:

"Sensei, you're late! Again!"

"Sorry Naruto, I got some problems with my nose."

Naruto watched Kakashi in disbelief, but then Sakura began to laugh so much that she grabbed her stomach.

"What? What's so funny Sakura-chan?" Naruto asked confused.

Sakura faced up and met Kakashi normal eye who looked at her weirdly.

"You DID catch a cold after all, didn't you?"

"Yeach, I kind of did..." Kakashi muttered as answer before he started to sneeze.

Sakura laughed harder, Kakashi sneezed again and became forced to turn around to take his mask of for a moment, (snot in the mask isn't the healthiest thing in the world) and Naruto just stood there more and more confused for each second.

"What? I don't understand. What did I miss?"

| The End |
Okay, this is my first Fanfiction that I have publicized here, and I hope you will like it. :)

This is a slight KakaSaku fanfiction if you want it to be,
otherwise it's just a student who comforts her sensei after his many losses(?).

And remember, this is my FIRST one, so please don't be too harsh on me.
But I would like to hear what you think about it, so please leave comments and rates.

[This is a one shot]

Sakura thinking
If you like this one I maybe will publicize more of my Fanfictions that I have done.

Last thing before I say 'bye' for now:

Sadly I don't own Naruto or the characters, it belongs to Masashi Kishimoto.

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